Rolltop Rucksack für Damen & Herren
Tagesrucksack für Damen & Herren
Rosa Rucksack für Damen
Backpack "Emil"
Backpack "Emil"
Rucksack mit Rolltop-Funktion
Tagesrucksack mit Rolltop-Funktion für den Alltag
Rucksack mit kleinem Innenfach
Rucksack mit Druckknopf und Klettverschluss
Rucksack wasserfest dank Imprägnierung
Backpack "Emil"
Backpack "Emil"
Backpack "Emil"
Backpack "Emil"
Backpack "Emil"
Backpack "Emil"

Backpack "Emil"

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Minimalist but expressive. This design brings out your individual style.

Minimalist but expressive. This design brings out your individual style.

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Made from recycled PET bottles

Rucksack Emil in rot - Johnny Urban

Simple hybrid backpack

All your stuff in one place

Team roll top or team gym bag? You don't have to decide, because "Emil" is both. As simple as a gym bag, but with the practical roll top function. This hybrid is not only stylish, but also expandable in volume!

Rucksack Emil in schwarz - Reißverschlussfach - Johnny Urban

Simple design

Only the essential functions

● Expandable main compartment
● Small inner compartment
● Closable with snap fastener & velcro

Rucksack Emil in rot - Urban Style - Johnny Urban

Made from recycled PET bottles

Stylish in any weather

"Emil" is part of our Eco Series. The outer fabric of the backpack is made from recycled polyester, which is reinforced with a TPE coating on the back. With our roll top, your things in the backpack stay dry even when it rains thanks to our PFC-free impregnation.

Timm und Jonas sind immer für euch da - die Gründer von Johnny Urban Timm und Jonas - die Gründer von Johnny Urban

our promise

Always there for you

We are Timm and Jonas. Since 2016 we have been working every day on our idea of developing the ideal city backpack for you - simple, flexible and without unnecessary frills. Together with our team in Hamburg we give you our Johnny Urban promise: timeless products in a cool style, durable materials of the highest quality and the best service. Because we see ourselves and you as a Johnny Urban Community in which we want to live friendship and realness together. That's why we're always open to your feedback.

We look forward to the journey together with you.

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