Never Pretending. Always Real. - Starte jetzt urbanes Abenteuer mit Johnny Urban
Never Pretending. Always Real. - Starte jetzt urbanes Abenteuer mit Johnny Urban

be who you really are

NEVER PRETENDING. ALWAYS REAL. That is our claim and our motto for every day - also in our company. Because we believe that being together as genuinely as possible brings the most joy. That's why we don't want to present ourselves as more crass than we are. That's why we don't always have the most dazzling story. But you can be sure: What you see and hear from us, that's us.



Backpacks are our thing. Here we are absolute experts. Our products are visually unobtrusive and yet their functions solve real everyday pains in our community.

Every day we do everything for the best quality, the coolest style and the best service - at a fair price.

We are always available for you. If something does not fit with one of our products, we will find a solution together.

And your feedback is also important to us, because this is the only way we can keep improving Johnny Urban for us and for you.

Our vision


We love backpacks and bags and everything that makes our everyday life in the city easier.

But there is something else, something that goes beyond that. We are fascinated by the endless possibilities that our cities offer us. We invite you to rediscover this every day and to be inspired.

With your Johnny Urban product you transport a piece of the big city and are well equipped in every metropolis in the world.

VALUES we believe in


Nobody can plan everything. But everything new is full of opportunities - that's exactly what we want to see. And take it for us and our customers.

Founding Story

how it all started

We are Timm and Jonas, the founders of Johnny Urban. During our studies we lived together in a flat share. In 2015 we had the idea for the ideal city backpack. Simple, flexible and without unnecessary frills. A year later the time had come - our first rolltop backpack “Adam” was successfully launched. That was the cornerstone of our Johnny Urban brand.

Since then we've had backpack fever. In the meantime, our products are becoming more and more sophisticated in their functions. Together with our team in Hamburg we work on our vision every day and develop backpacks and bags for the urban lifestyle - for the endless possibilities in the city. And yet there is no one perfect backpack for everyone. Tastes & requirements are different and we are still learning every day.

For us, Johnny Urban is a community. We are very happy how you bring our products to life and make them yours. We look forward to Johnny Urban's continued journey with you.

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